Enduro Elite Carbon 29/6Fattie/650B

Super Fun, Super Fast. You need to check this out! What an amazing make-up of componentry to produce an all-around value package, with options for 650B, 29, or 6Fattie tires.


Quoted From Specialized: “With the all-new Enduro Elite Carbon, we’re still scratching our heads—is faster on the way up or the way down? But at this point, we’re kind of like, “Who cares? This thing is fun as hell.” We gave it a whole new geometry, with a slacker front end, a longer top tube, short chainstays, and a lower bottom bracket. All of this together makes the bike truly feel glued to the ground, and the platform is more responsive and capable then ever. We even added some brand new bits, like integrated storage with a SWAT™ Door at the down tube, and made “old” new again by making a triumphant return to a threaded bottom bracket. To keep the weight down, the frame is constructed with our legendary X-Wing layout with a FACT 9m carbon fiber chassis and M5 alloy rear end. And to ensure top-level performance on the descents, this material choice is greeted by 160mm of plush travel at both the front and rear. And handling suspension duties out back is the talk of the town rear shock, the RockShox Monarch Plus with our Rx Trail Tune. We even made it to be compatible with our 6Fattie wheel system, so you’ll always be ready for the trail ahead. For the build, this Enduro is packed with drool-worthy gear, like SRAM one-by 11-speed shifting, powerful Guide R brakes w/ S4 calipers, hand-built Roval wheels, and a RockShox Lyrik RC fork up front.”

Strafe Outerwear – Technical and purposeful


For Breathable, Waterproof wear that is warm where it counts. Habitual Sports is now carrying this unique line of Outerwear.

 Founded in Aspen, Colorado, Strafe is a collection of passionate individuals whose drive for adventure is rivaled only by our commitment to creating modern mountain apparel that doesn’t compromise performance, quality, or style. We like going fast, and we’re continually inspired by a dedication to living life in the mountains and making versatile gear designed to perform across all conditions. We’re athlete-owned, so we make the gear we need.

Twin brothers John and Pete Gaston started Strafe because of an obsession with Highland Bowl. Hiking the bowl, ripping down to the lift, and riding up to begin the lap again places unique demands on apparel in terms of breathability, weather protection, insulation, mobility and storage. They needed apparel that blended breathable, waterproof materials and constructions with snow-specific features and fits for moving efficiently and skiing hard all day. In 2009, they developed their first prototypes, and in 2010, they made their first product offering: technical jackets, pants and one-pieces in a distinctly new, Strafe style.

courtesy https://strafeouterwear.com/about/

SWAT Technology

SWAT  Technology – What is it you say? Storage; Water; Air; Tools

Specialized has a line of innovative products that integrate for a sleek storage solution. You can find a whole line up of products for storing tools, water bottles, air pumps, and tools. There are storage solutions on SWAT specific bikes as well, integrated right within the frame or saddle.


SWAT storage within frame of the 2017 FUSE 6Fattie Carbon

Check out the link to explore more  Specialized SWAT

Electra Townie – A better way to ride!

On a daily basis I get asked which bike will fit my needs the best. That all depends on what you’re looking for in a bike. In this blog I’m going to focus on one of my Flat Foot Technology bikes. Electra Townies are, in my opinion, far above the rest.

What is Flat Foot Technology you ask…well let me try and explain. The overall benefit of Flat Foot Technology is more comfort and more control. It provides an upright, relaxed riding position with proper leg extension that also lets you plant your feet flat on the ground whenever you want without leaving the saddle. Sounds simple, but others have been trying to catch up since. Flat Foot Technology was first featured in the Electra Townie and 20” Kid bikes. Over the years, it’s been integrated to varying degrees into the Cruiser and Amsterdam Collections.

Come in and ride one, and you’ll know what I’m talking about.